Print; you will still have items you print, from ASI products to marketing, print is here to stay. Regular ink on paper is still going strong especially in business where paper forms, applications and marketing are required. We print for a wide variety of industries. Each business has unique requirements and printing needs, such as: items for banks, from CARLAR forms, counter items, statements, envelopes, business cards, forms and variable print marketing items. Insurance industry has made the transition from pre-printed applications to digital documents yet they still require pre-printed statements, envelopes and marketing reports. Any industry which has training seminars may use vast amounts of digital print along with commercial print needs. The automotive industry is making the move from ink on paper to digital yet still has a need for commercial print with labels, folders, and stationary and in the ASI field. Manufacturing requirements include vast amounts of barcode printing, marketing items from flyers to mailers. MICR Technologies still prints items for business, such as invoices, work orders, quotation forms, and training booklets.

Print has changed; everything was ink on paper, now we have the option of digital print for short runs such as booklets, business cards, 1:1 marketing and mailing. Many times long runs and warehousing a large surplus of forms is not longer required. MICR Technologies can work with you to decide the most cost effective and timely way to print all of your documents. Marketing is a challenging field. There has never been a better time for direct mail marketing. The mail box is empty compared to past years. Your marketing piece, when prepared with your prospect in mind, has a 99% chance of being read. The response will be decided by how it is worded and designed, MICR can help you decide on the most cost effective mailing list and marketing design for the highest response.

MICR Technologies has been producing printed product for 35 years. We can work within your budget and time constraints. Contact us for pricing.